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PK Yasser Arafath

About The Author

P.K. Yasser Arafath is a historian of medieval and early modern India. His research papers and essays are published in edited volumes and peer-reviewed journals that include Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Economic and Political Weekly, Social Scientist, and The Medieval History Journal. His first book (co-edited with Haris Qadeer, London:2021) was titled Sultana’s Sisters: Gender, Genres, and Histories in South Asian Muslim Women’s Fiction.  Currently, he is in the process of completing a monograph on Indian Ocean texts, titled Malabarnama: Intimate Texts, Ulema, and the Lyrical Resistance in the Age of Disorder (1500-1900). He was at the Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, as the Dr. L.M. Singhvi Visiting Fellow in 2017. 

Books by PK Yasser Arafath