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Rick Leventhal

About The Author

Rick Leventhal is a veteran journalist who spent thirty-five years covering wars, hurricanes, terror attacks, and other major breaking news stories across the country and around the world. After ten years at local affiliates, Rick quickly rose to Senior Correspondent at Fox News Channel where he was assigned to many of the biggest stories of the past twenty-five years. He ran from the dust cloud when both towers fell on 9/11, embedded with Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan, spent weeks in Libya covering the fall of Mu'ammar Al-Qadhdhafi, chased countless storms and other breaking news, and remained rock solid on air through all of it. Rick is very happily married to the former Kelly Dodd, best known for her five years on Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of Orange County and a proud stepfather to her daughter Jolie. Rick has two other daughters of his own, Veronica and Shoshana, from a previous marriage. Rick, Kelly, and Jolie live in Newport Beach, where Rick and his wife host several weekly podcasts and are busy remodeling and renting homes in Palm Desert, California and Westhampton, New York.

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