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Liberty & Justice for All

A Marvel: Xavier's Institute Novel

Published by Aconyte
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

LIST PRICE ₹568.00


About The Book

Two exceptional students face their ultimate test when they answer a call for help, in the first thrilling Xavier’s Institute novel, focused on the daring exploits of Marvel’s mutant heroes

As part of their training at the New Charles Xavier Institute, Triage and Tempus are allowed to attempt their first solo flying mission. Some way into their mission, they pick up an urgent SOS message – Sentinels are attacking a superpowered mutant, who is struggling to protect an injured politician. When they abandon their lesson and answer the call, however, the identity of both will cause the two young X-Men far more problems than they bargained for.

About The Author

CARRIE HARRIS has been writing professionally since the early 2000s. She writes original and licensed books in a variety of worlds including Marvel, Warhammer 40k, the World of Darkness, and the Fate RPG. Her books Shadow Avengers: A Marvel Crisis Protocol Novel, Witches Unleashed: A Marvel Untold Novel, and Liberty and Justice for All: A Xavier’s Institute Novel were Scribe award finalists for best licensed fiction, and her young adult horror comedy Bad Taste in Boys was a Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers. She is a member of the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association. Carrie lives in New York with her ninja doctor husband, teenagers, and a cranky dog named Slartibartfast.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Aconyte (November 3, 2020)
  • Length: 336 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781839080593

Raves and Reviews

"An action-packed adventure… this is definitely worth checking out."

– Track of Words

"New and exciting. And incredibly good… Triage and Tempus rule. They’re richly written, funny, interesting teens battling their insecurities… This book really is a giant triumph for Harris… This is an incredible book. Highest recommend."

– The Omniplex

"Harris adds a depth to the antagonists often missing in other depictions of these characters in other media and uses it to remind readers that just as no hero is infallible, no villain is without their better angels. Harris favors nuance over mustache-twirling, and in that choice lies the heart of the story... an engaging and entertaining story."

– Geek Dad

"Liberty & Justice For All isn't your standard X-Men adventure, it's one that focuses more on the human (or mutant) journey that happens to these characters, it spends quiet moments with its characters and lets the reader get into their heads and see the effect this life would have on someone. It might not be what you'd be initially drawn to an X-Men book for, but it's what you'll come away loving and wanting more of."

– Trans-Scribe

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