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Sergeant Dooley and the Submarine Raiders

Published by Indigo River Publishing
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

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About The Book

“...a high-paced thriller.” — Stephen O. Sears, Author of Sunniland and The Orinoco Uranium

To earn his passage home, Dooley finds work on an ex-Russian submarine. He leaves Shanghai under the leadership of Major Dimitri Utkin on a mission that he knows little about. Also on board are others who seek escape—from the dissatisfied captain of a U.S. Navy destroyer, whose chief petty officer is on the hunt for a chest of pirated British gold sovereigns, to a young and destitute Russian countess, Zeta Tolstoy.

Dooley’s expectations are complicated when he realizes that Utkin’s cadre consists of men traumatized by the war and the Bolshevik Revolution—men who plan to impose their will on America. Before he knows it, Dooley’s one-week commitment turns into a life-or-death struggle in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

About The Author

Wayne Abrahamson, originally from Elroy, Wisconsin, spent twenty-four years in the US Navy, serving aboard a number of vessels, including destroyers and the elite Special Boat Squadrons. While in the Navy, he qualified as a private pilot, parachute jumper, and divemaster (PADI). After retiring from service, he qualified as a master scuba diver (NAUI) and earned several undergraduate and graduate degrees in anthropology and history. Abrahamson is now an adjunct college instructor in Pensacola, Florida, and spends his free time traveling to the Caribbean and Latin America. While his first novel, Black Silver, is based on his previous experiences in the South China Sea and Southeast Asia, he now uses his travels to the Caribbean and Latin America as inspirations for future writing projects, to include action-adventure novels and works of historical fiction.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Indigo River Publishing (May 30, 2023)
  • Length: 402 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781954676374

Raves and Reviews

This novel really gives off Jack Reacher vibes with the protagonist, which is a great thing in my opinion. Sergeant Dooley and Submarine Raiders is a creative historical fiction packed with action, interesting characters, and a story that develops well over the three acts. The author does a great job of transporting the reader to the islands of the Pacific where Sgt Dooley finds himself as the protagonist in a global struggle. Readers that are fans of mystery, suspense, investigation, and action will not be able to put this book down. I look forward to the future adventures that Sergeant Dooley will encounter in more books.” — Daniel Haddock, Advanced Open-water Scuba Diver, MA in Historical Archaeology, Maritime Archaeologist.

“I enjoyed Black Silver, the first in what I hope becomes a continued series of Joseph Havok adventures, but I really felt drawn to this second book, or the start of a new series centered around Tom Dooley. Sergeant Dooley and the Submarine Raider is a fun adventure with characters that are lively and well-crafted. The author's ability to immerse me in the environments and the action is what really made this book work for me. His comfort with these characters and all they know and do has me convinced that Wayne Abrahamson has been on some adventures himself. I love a good adventure novel and this one does not disappoint. Bring on Book 3!” — Dr. Regina Sakalarios-Rogers, Ph.D., Instructor and Intern Coordinator for University of West Florida’s English Department.

“This novel’s historical setting of the far east during the Russian Revolution, well-researched and described in illuminating detail, provides a unique background for a high-paced thriller. Sergeant Dooley is a young adventurer with skills as an infantryman, pilot, and espionage agent, who falls in love with a fugitive Russian countess.They become involved in a three-way struggle between the White Russians, the Bolsheviks, and the crew of a US Navy destroyer. The climactic battle at the end is reminiscent of Jules Verne and James Bond. Sergeant Dooley is accompanied by a wide cast of characters, with fascinating personalities and backgrounds. My favorite was Chief Petty Officer Fowler, a good example of why the military needs career NCOs, not just officer and privates.” — Stephen O. Sears, Author of Sunniland and The Orinoco Uranium

Sergeant Dooly and the Submarine Raiders is a fast-flowing novel set in the early 20th century with each chapter making you feel as if you are standing next to the characters. The chapters fly by as you press on to see what Sergeant Dooley does next!” — Captain Glen Sefcik | 100-ton Licensed Master, Senior Chief Boatswain's Mate U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, BA in Maritime Studies, Advanced Open-water SCUBA Diver, and fellow adventurer.

“While I have read many adventure stories over the years, one thing that takes a story over the top is attention to detail. Wayne Abrahamson’s military career allows him to get the details in Sergeant Dooley’s exploits correct in such a way you smell the gunpowder and saltwater! I look forward to more adventures written by Wayne Abrahamson and more of Tom Dooley’s exploits!” — Allen Wilson, MA in Historical Archaeology, Register of Professional Archaeologists, Advanced Open-Water Rescue Scuba Diver, US Army Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom.

“Wayne Abrahamson is a talented storyteller, and overall, Sergeant Dooley and the Submarine Raiders, is an entertaining novel full of adventure, romance, mystery. He finds a good balance between regular narrative and dialogue, and uses (several) nice turns of phrase.” — Regina Cornell, Editor, Indigo River Publishing

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