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Snakes & Ladders

LIST PRICE ₹499.00

When Homicide Detective Jacob Striker discovers that a string of recent suicides might actually be covered-up murders, his investigation quickly leads him to the Riverglen Mental Health Facility. The victims were all patients from the support group overseen by psychologist Dr. Erich Ostermann. And when Striker discovers Larisa Logan - a dear friend of his, and a patient of Ostermann - has gone missing, his investigation goes into overdrive.

Time is running out. And the evidence tells him one very important fact: that Larisa knowssomething about the murders.

Even worse, she is trapped. She can't return to the hospital because her own life is in danger.

Larisa's only chance for living is to escape.

Racing against time and a chilling adversary, Striker searches desperately for Larisa. It is a dangerous game they play. Where one right step can catapult you to a place of dominance - and one wrong step can leave you sliding to your doom.

It is a game of psychopaths. It is Snakes & Ladders.

sean slater

Sean Slater is the pseudonym for Vancouver Police Officer Sean Sommerville. As a police officer, Sommerville works in Canada's poorest slum, the Downtown East Side—an area rife with poverty, mental illness, drug use, prostitution, and gang warfare. He has investigated everything from frauds and extortions to homicides. Sommerville has written numerous columns and editorials for the city newspaper. When not patrolling the “Skids,” Sean is working hard on the next novel in the Jacob Striker series.

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