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Stop Those Monsters!

Illustrated by Jim Field
LIST PRICE ₹298.00

'He's very daughter monster-munched her way through it - and so did I.'The Times

The Wizard of Ozmeets Monsters Incin this MONSTROUSLY funny stand-alone story from bestselling author phenomenon, Steve Cole.

I'm Bob, a human boy stuck in a land of MONSTERS. I'm trying to get out with the help of three - count them, three - incredible creatures.

There's Verity, who looks like a giant hamster. Alfie, who's about as scary as a bag of crisps. And Zola, a gorgon who can't turn people to stone (though she can manage cardboard at a push).

We're on a crazy, death-defying quest to escape with our lives. And all around us, the cry goes up: STOP THOSE MONSTERS!!!

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