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Straight-A Study Skills

More Than 200 Essential Strategies to Ace Your Exams, Boost Your Grades, and Achieve Lasting Academic Success

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About The Book

Strategies that will transform your grades!

Straight-A Study Skills proves that you don't have to spend countless hours studying to get good grades. Using her experience as an educational consultant and a teacher, authors Cynthia Clumeck Muchnick and Justin Ross Muchnick have created an easy-to-use approach to learning important study skills and achieving academic success. Through more than 200 entry-based strategies, you will learn all there is to know about strengthening your academic performance, including how to:
  • Get the most out of class time.
  • Find a note-taking system that works for you.
  • Improve your writing skills and create compelling essays.
  • Develop effective study habits.
  • Choose the right classes and extracurricular activities.
  • Prepare for standardized tests, quizzes, and final exams.

This guide is broken down into quick and easy concepts, tactics, and tips that highlight essential information and allow you to quickly find the topics you need to focus on. With Straight-A Study Skills, you're guaranteed to sharpen your study skills, boost your grades, and position yourself for success!

About The Authors

An Adams Media author.

An Adams Media author.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Adams Media (December 18, 2012)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781440552472

Raves and Reviews

"I found, while reading through the book, many ideas that I am planning to implement at home, in order to help make my children more efficient students, and more engaged learners. I definitely recommend reading this together with your children, to discover ways you can help them take charge of their own education. Here's to hoping these ideas can be mastered in time for mine to ace his exams!" --Newport Beach Independent

"Justin and [Cynthia] offer tips, proven methods and strategies.... There are other topics in the book, ranging from where to sit in class to answering why extra credit is so important in academics." - Daily Pilot

"Taking even some of this advice to heart, and acting on it, will help any student get more out of school." - Newport Beach Patch

"In more than 200 concise, readable entries, this mother-son team shares valuable tips and strategies to help students learn life-changing study skills and achieve academic success. From properly fueling your body to finding a mentor to excelling outside of the classroom, the Muchnick team returns again and again to its primary message: the importance of being an active, not passive, student." - Andover magazine

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