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Undreaming Wetiko

Breaking the Spell of the Nightmare Mind-Virus

Published by Inner Traditions
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

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About The Book

Transform wetiko into its own antidote

• Learn how ancestral trauma is at the root of wetiko and how the wounded healer/shaman archetype can help bring both individual and collective healing

• Meet the inner guide--a daemon/angel that lives within us as an ally in our encounters with the daemonic energy of wetiko

• Cultivate “symbolic awareness” as a path to creating meaning and transmute the poison of wetiko into medicine for healing

The profound and radical Native American idea of “wetiko,” a virus of the mind, underlies the collective insanity and evil that is destructively playing out around the world. Yet, as Paul Levy reveals in depth, encoded within wetiko itself lies the very medicine needed to combat the mindvirus and heal both ourselves and our world.

Levy begins by investigating how the process of becoming triggered, wounded, or falling into suffering can help us better understand the workings of wetiko in a way that transforms our struggles into opportunities for awakening. He reveals the source of wetiko: unhealed multigenerational ancestral trauma, which is acted out and propagated through the family. He highlights one of the primary archetypes currently activated in the collective unconscious of humanity—the wounded healer/shaman—and shows how recognizing this archetype can help us as we navigate a collective descent into the underworld of the unconscious, a true bardo realm between our past and future worlds.

Drawing on the work of C. G. Jung, Rudolf Steiner, Henry Corbin, Wilhelm Reich, and Nicolas Berdyaev, the author introduces the inner guide—a daemon/angel that lives within us as an ally in our encounters with the daemonic energy of wetiko. He explores how to cultivate “symbolic awareness” (interpreting events in our lives symbolically—like a dream) as a path to creating meaning, which alchemically transmutes the poison of wetiko into medicine for healing the psyche.

Ultimately, the author reveals that the best protection and medicine for wetiko is to connect with the light of our true nature by becoming who we truly are.

About The Author

Paul Levy is a pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence and a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner for more than 35 years. He is the founder of the Awakening in the Dream Community in Portland, Oregon, and the author of several books, including Dispelling Wetiko. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Inner Traditions (May 23, 2023)
  • Length: 416 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644115671

Raves and Reviews

“Undreaming Wetiko is a prophetic treatise that calls us to open our eyes to the cunning, potentially fatal forces at work in the world. Unpacking wetiko, Levy demonstrates how this mercurial power contains an evolutionary function—to awaken us to the vast creative power that we each possess. This is a must-read for any person who wonders about the future of our species and wants to harness their own unique powers to serve the collective alchemy of this critical era.”

– Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, Ph.D., Jungian psychotherapist and author of Wounds into Wisdom

“Provides a fascinating exploration of how to find the light that is hidden within the dark side of our human experience. Paul Levy offers one of the finest riffs on understanding the complexity of which we are composed and how to understand and work with it, thus lending new meaning and strategy to the evolutionary agenda.”

– Jean Houston, Ph.D., author of The Possible Human

“Levy continues to explore and unmask the wetiko mind-virus of greed and hubris that threatens the human enterprise but also, with unique force, opens up for us ways of ‘undreaming’ its power so we can live free from its contamination. This is an indispensable manual for all serious seekers.”

– Andrew Harvey, coauthor of Radical Regeneration

“Paul Levy is one of our clearest visionaries about things that truly matter.”

– Larry Dossey, M.D.

Undreaming Wetiko is infused with Paul’s insights and personal experiences spanning over decades, weaving together quantum physics, Jungian shadow work, shamanism, trauma work, and drawing from various spiritual and esoteric traditions. Paul gives us a comprehensive understanding of why the world is the way it is, while he also brilliantly shows us the way out and what needs to be done before we destroy ourselves.”

– Bernhard Guenther, psychospiritual coach, writer, and cohost of The Cosmic Matrix Podcast

“Paul Levy emerges from that ancient prophetic tradition of gnostics with the uncanny ability to transmute the poison of our experience into medicine for the soul. This book is an unflinching look at the underworld all around us, with all of the peril and the promise that implies. It leaves the reader not just with the possibility that enlightenment might exist in and through the ocean of darkness that surrounds and assails us; it offers us a bridge, a boat, and a ship to the other side.”

– Rev. Michael Ellick, community organizer and Christian minister

“This book serves as an essential guidepost to help us reclaim our creative power from the insidious grip of the wetiko mind-virus. With this book, Paul Levy seals his role as a master alchemist, serving as the lead spokesperson of an emerging consciousness that not only identifies the root of our collective shadow but also gives us the courage to overcome it. There is no way ‘out’ but in, and creative imagination is the key to ‘undreaming wetiko.’ Read this book and you will never be the same!”

– Stephanie South, author of Accessing Your Multidimensional Self

Undreaming Wetiko is urgently needed medicine in these perilous times. Paul Levy provides a powerful beacon by which we can recognize the dreamlike nature of our existence and lucidly embody our role as co-creators. His revelations help us to understand the trance of delusion and suffering that pervades the human world and empowers us to transmute this darkness into the light of liberation and knowledge of our intrinsic nature.”

– Troy Lush, composer and founder of Earthsongs

“When we look upon wetiko with the light of love, we see the illusion, but it only vanishes when our heart demands justice of our mind. Thanks to Paul Levy, Undreaming Wetiko has inspired me to live from my heart so that wetiko has no use for my mind.”

– Paul Chek, holistic health practitioner and founder of the CHEK Institute

“Through his wide-ranging, comprehensive research, deep and fearless inquiry, and the direct lived experience of his subject, wetiko, Levy has written a book of such power and conviction that just by reading it I was changed. As if giving a transmission, this book went straight into my heart, ignited the spirit, and imparted in me a grounded sense of responsibility but also of agency. Isn’t this the very thing that we all need to experience right now? That even though we are in a precarious condition, we also have everything within us that we need to turn the tide.”

– Gwen Burns, wellness counselor

“Levy’s teachings offer unique, multidimensional medicine for our personal and planetary ills. Reading this book will unquestionably alter your perceptions of what it means to be human and how to navigate these times by reconciling the inner world with the outer world, the personal with the collective, the wound with the healing, the unconscious with the conscious, and the shadow with the light.”

– Eden Sky, creator of the Galactic Calendar

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